'Native Skateboarder #4' Print by Gin Hodgkinson


Ginny Hodgkinson. 23 years old, graphic design and mixed media visual artist originally from the Mornington peninsula. Ginny exhibits her work regularly around galleries in Melbourne such as the Budd Street Gallery and Brunswick Street Gallery. Her works often reference Australian culture, surfing culture, the coast and vintage themes. Recently she has been exploring with the themes of girls in surfing and skateboarding. Ginny seeks to celebrate woman in these board sports.


Her series titled 'Boarding Girls' are depicted by use of vintage photography and collaging enhanced by blooms of native Australian and South African flora. The series intends to remind us that girls are not new to board sports and plenty of us have been having a good crack at it since back in the day. These images show the grace and beauty gifted to the sports by the female riders. The works celebrate femininity in surfing and skateboarding and seek to encourage girls to take up an interest in these areas.  And... what girl doesn't love flowers? 


Size: 12" x 16"

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