SurfVisuals – the ideas factory with a community backing.

SurfVisuals works closely with all of its partners. SV will leverage your voice within the market to deliver creative and experimental marketing.

SV was the first magazine to pull off a sold-out surf party in the heart of Melbourne CBD. We also pulled together 12 influential surfboard shapers from the one coast and subsequently got them to work collaboratively on a Behind The Shaper project. We regularly touch on all of surfings sub-cultures, through in depth editorials and glimpses from respected individuals from around the globe.

When you advertise in SurfVisuals, ours ideas are part of the deal. Are you after something a little different? We’ll create it for you, whether editorial integration in print or online, branded content creation, advertising campaign or party – SurfVisuals has you covered.

Our online community is engagement driven, with an abundance of variety in content put before their scrolling thumbs, they seek more. Split evenly 50/50 male to female, our community covers all sub-cultures in the surfing world, subsequently giving you the perfect audience.


Our Offerings

Where SurfVisuals’ print version is vital and focuses on showcasing stories from around the globe, and in-depth stories, takes the strengths of the print magazine to the web: It’s not all about high performance based surfing, it’s about telling a story. Stories resonate with everyone and our community loves them.

With brand spanking site are new titles: The People, SVLife, a revamped YOURS Blog, a program for Photographers and much more.

SurfVisuals is the community for all surf culture enthusiasts.



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