Beyond The Horizon by Filipe Mariano
My inspiration for photography comes, that "Beyond the horizon" there are endless possibilities for outcomes. To reach this state of consciousness we must always be very well balanced and also meditation helps me a lot.
 In the world of Surf I usually see points that inspire me, and they really make me create moments which bring much more than just photos and meanings, such as a state of consciousness, sustainability, peace and love.
 Focusing on fascinating waves, with surfers who draw movements with their surfboards and the abundant ecosystem of beaches always present.
 Besides that, I like to involve all the experience, since that perfect wave to that farmer of the local community.
 The softness and amplitude in the capture of each single moment, comes from internal feelings which i believe it is generated from the point of view how we see the world. I like to inspire people.
 I try to always be present with myself in all of these moments of photography and life, valuing a lot of meanings like Infinity, Solitude, love, peace and an atmosphere that fulfill us using a sentence in the most of the photos!
 I value simplicity and I can see incredible things in small gestures or moments, I live in the present and thus I am released from any tension of both past and future generating more affective results.
 Themes that fit my spirit, including the name of my main exhibit: "Beyond The Horizon".



May 05, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
Tags: SURF



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