Coming Back To Life by Tommy Pardini

Italy it’s been one of the most hitted country in the world by the Covid-19, the one with the longest quarantine, 72 days.

With most of the cases isolated in the Region of Lombardia, which still is highly infected, we’ve been set free from the government and we had the chance to travel freely inside the region we live in and finally a swell hit the coasts of Tuscany.


It was touching to be back in the water with friends, waves and a summer wetsuit.. the last time we surfed before the lockdown we were using a 5mm hooded one.


Waves weren’t the best actually, but after 2 months without them, all that glitters is gold.


Now after this little swell we prepare ourselves to a summertime flatness, typical for Italy, but we expect as always some surprises that summer may brings. 


@thomson_photo / @tommhaso


May 26, 2020 — SURF VISUALS



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