A Reason To Breathe by Juan Moncayo
I believe storytelling is one of the most powerful tools and actions that we as a society should consider, especially in times like these, in 2020, and as we face one of the biggest challenges around the world collectively.


My name is Juan Moncayo, a 27 years old photographer from Colombia who is constantly looking for stories to tell in the outdoors and nature, through photographs. My love and passion for photography started while I was traveling and shooting the music bands of close friends of mine around 18, and also at local venues in the USA where I went to college. However I remember always admiring and looking up to worldwide known adventures telling their stories along with a photograph, it was so special to me. After I left the states I starting traveling around Europe, and soon I discovered a bigger purpose inside than my own desires to travel and know places. This allowed me to share my voice and stories though photography, the one outlet I always return to and can’t compare with anything else.


Why nature & Why travel? I strive to inspire people to care about our planet, to visit, and reconnect with natural places, and mostly to value what we have and raise awareness of each magic place this home of ours has to offer. More than ever traveling seems like a dream for many of us, and we definitely should not take it for granted.


My work is intended for anyone who is passionate about authenticity, human connection, and natural experiences as well to those who have a sense of adventure, and intent to have a positive impact on others, as well as on the planet.





May 21, 2020 — SURF VISUALS



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David said:

Excelent Juan, I love your pictures.

María Camila

María Camila said:

I am really amazed by your pictures. I think people can really get inspired by them and they would totally feel the message you are trying to send. You are doing an amazing job catching beautiful moments.

Fabian Camilo

Fabian Camilo said:

Nice photos, nice toughts. You can really see a message. In these days where we are indoors, you see those kind of pictures and its like you can breath.


Henry said:

I share with you the feeling about traveling. To let yourself be amazed by places that you want to take with you when returning home and not letting the adventure behind. Thanks, Juan


Camila said:

The essence of your work is definitely authenticity, adventure and connection. Is like I myself could smell all those places. Something you said is very accurate and important, we do not have to take world wonders for guaranteed, thanks for immortalize beauty itself.

Judith Africano

Judith Africano said:

Felicitaciones Juan. Eres un gran fotógrafo. Plasmar la naturaleza y las situaciones a través de la fotografía es dejar semillas para la eternidad. Felicitaciones también a doña Jannette y a don Juan Carlos por tener un hijo con tanto talento. La fotografía es poesía.

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