For The Love of Film by Liam Matear

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Jc - July 11 2018

I think the pics are beautiful. Unique style very free on composition and timing. Neverless I can also see that the film shooting is only being seen as a more “difficult” way to take pictures. There’s no one talking about dynamic range, colours shades whatever you want it to pick it up from, or even about gear film whatever, just like “I’m shooting film anything can happen and it’s harder”. I’ve been getting these empty insights from media lately like shooting film is a gimmick and the truth is that shooting film is just a gear choice, and even though art is subjective, no matter what you shoot with maybe it would be cool to get what you’re looking for, more with film wouldn’t it? Spending all the bucks and all… I don’t know. Well sorry for the spelling mistakes English is my secondary language

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