Shades of Sea by Chloe Montoya
Growing up in San Clemente and living on the North Shore of Oahu for the past couple years, it’s safe to say I have yet to become tiresome of the ocean’s natural wonder. It’s forever changing. From calm to wild or from shades of aqua to liquid gold. 


Whenever I’m in the water it’s like time is standing still. In a world that’s constantly moving 100 miles per minute, it feels good to get away from it all and truly live in the present moment.


The ocean can always heal my sad days and be the reason for my favorite ones. I take photos to remember how I’m feeling and of course what I’m seeing. This is a series of photos taken both of me in my happy place, as well as photos I’ve taken hoping to capture the beauty my two eyes are lucky to see every day. 







November 17, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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