Through The Lens by Konrad Brewski
As a photographer you learn to see things for what they really are. You see light, you see shadows, you see movement. That then allows you to see emotion. 

Photography is reflection. When someone looks in a mirror they see who they want to see. But its only when your subject sees themselves through a reflection in your lens they see who they really are.  

But what if there is no subject. And its just you and the open ocean. Does that reflection then become your own? A representation of exactly how you feel at that time in your life?

Does the darkness filled water become a metaphor for your future? Maybe you lit up your past and now your entering the unknown..? 

Is that light at the end of the barrel your quest for tranquility? A taste of whats possible when the pieces come together perhaps...? 

And maybe the crystal clear water is that time you found balance away from all the chaos. When everything just made sense. For once you could see all that surrounds. If only you could swim in these waters forever… 

To me, water photography is not a hobby, a job, a piece of content, or entertainment. It’s a way of expressing exactly how i feel.. Water blends with light and never crosses paths in the same way again, and no one ever sees it happen. The same way we have those conflicting thoughts in our minds, all of them hidden. The only difference is in my world those snapshots come to life.


Konrad Brewski.

For more of Konrad's work, you can visit his website or insta.


June 04, 2018 — SURF VISUALS



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Krystof Kryniski

Krystof Kryniski said:

Cannot have enough of Konrad’s art.

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