Uncrowded Surf by Stefan Klitzsch

Words by Stefan Klitzsch

"I spent a full year in New Zealand in 2016 with my girlfriend, studying 2 semesters of photography in Wellington and traveling around the country in a 1989 Ford Econovan. It was nothing else than a dream to spend a full year close to the ocean. All the Images are from different and dozens of roadtrips along the coasts of New Zealand to find good uncrowded surf. I can not imagine a country being more beautiful and I can not imagine people being more open minded and friendly than in New Zealand. There is downsides to every thing, but if you are a surfer in New Zealand... heck you got it good!"

Stefan is a professional photographer out of Munich, Germany and has crafted his style of surf photography through the documenting lineups and the landscapes that surround it. In our interview with him, he explained how the perfect nature of a wave doesn't get him as excited as the landscape that surrounds it - explaining that a shitty fickle wave with an amazing landscape was more enjoyable wave to shoot than a perfect wave with no landscape.

If you are interested in his work, stay tuned with SV for more.

More of Stefan's work can be seen here.

March 22, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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